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Fundraising is easy and rewarding. Our experience is that people are always willing to support the child cancer cause if they get asked!

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Fundraising step-by-step

1. Decide on your fundraising idea - it doesn't matter how big or little it is! Share your idea with your local fundraiser for their support and advice.

2. Set your fundraising target - it's great to decide on the amount you want to raise so you get that extra sense of accomplishment when you reach your goal!

3. We recommend that you set up an online fundraising account - no banking required and it's easy to share with your family, friends, and colleagues. If you get 'offline' donations from your supporters - never fear - get in touch wtih your local fundraiser and they will give you everything you need to bank the money. You can even add the amount onto your online fundraising account so that it is included in your grand total!

4. Spread the word! Research shows that emailing your supporters is the best way of letting people know what you're up to and asking for support for the cause you've chosen to support. It's also easy to share your supporter page through social media, and you can even set up your supporter page using your Facebook account!

How to reach your goal!

We want to make sure that you have everything you need to make your fundraising a huge success! We can provide you with posters, thank you stickers, donation buckets and other bits and pieces - just get in touch with you local CCF fundraiser and they will sort you out.

The friendly team at Everyday Hero are always just a call or an email away as well if you need help with setting up a page. Here's what they have to say about it:

Before creating your Supporter page, it’s important to think about what type of page you would like. There are two types to choose from: an Individual Supporter page, or a Team Supporter page. A Team Supporter page is the best option if you intend to make a difference for your cause as part of a team with family/friends.

If you'd like to find out more about page types and which to choose, call our Support line on 0800 22 4376 or email info@everydayhero.co.nz

It's never been easier to help the Child Cancer Foundation support kids like Quinn - challenge yourself to make a difference in their lives by raising much-needed funds & awareness!

We'll leave you with some more tips & tricks from the expert team at Everyday Hero:

Create positive change by building your own Supporter page which you can use to inspire others, post updates, photos and videos and ask for sponsorship.

Your Supporter page isn’t just an online collection tin. You can also use it to: inspire others with a story about why you are supporting your charity/cause, post updates, images and videos, tell your social networks and ask others to help you make a real difference...

Leave the administrative stuff to us because we want you to focus on what you're passionate about - not receipts and reconciliation! Everyday Hero processes every donation from your sponsors, issues the tax deductible receipt (if applicable) to the donor instantly by email, and deposits the money directly your chosen charity's bank account.

Inspire your networks by emailing, posting, tweeting (and talking!) to your networks to show them what you are doing and why. We know the charity or cause you're supporting means a lot to you, so ask for your friends, family and wider networks' help to make a real difference. Remember – the more people you tell, the more help you will receive!

Show your gratitude - every time someone sponsors you through your Supporter page, we will send you an email telling you (unless they wish to remain anonymous), so you can take the opportunity to say a BIG thank you and tell them how they've helped.

Have more fun! Involve as many people as you can in your Supporter journey and show them what their sponsorship means to you and your chosen cause. Remember: passion is infectious so spread the word!

Start Fundraising

Click on your region to go to the regional supporters hub for local upcoming campaigns, events and fundraising, and don't hesitate to get in touch with the CCF fundraiser for your area!

Auckland / Northland / Waikato / Tauranga, Lakes & Bays

Contact Liz 

EML   latkinson@childcancer.org.nz 
PHN   09 303 9976
MOB  021 574 545

Hawke's Bay

Contact Vicky

EML   vrope@childcancer.org.nz
PHN   06 870 3189 
MOB  021 313 442

Central - Taranaki to Nelson

Contact Michelle

EML  mberriman@childcancer.org.nz 
PHN   04 389 2620 
MOB  021 227 7278

Canterbury / West Coast

Contact Lydia

EML   lhemingway@childcancer.org.nz 
PHN   03 365 1485 
MOB  021 192 8271

Otago / Southland

Contact Elaine

EML    ehorn@childcancer.org.nz 
PHN    03 471 7258 
MOB   021 733 671


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