Money Raised Online So Far $16,250.34

Top Ten Fundraisers

Congratulations and thank you to all of our fundraisers and their supporters for their generosity. A special thanks to those below who have exceeded all possible expectations.


1 .Nikita Jayne Costello$3,809.15 NZD
2 .Briar McFetridge$2,925.54 NZD
3 .Sarah-Jane Little$2,786.80 NZD
4 .Deion Campbell$1,370.00 NZD
5 .Kehu Craig Marino$1,017.25 NZD
6 .Brock Leathem$521.75 NZD
7 .Meghan Kite$152.75 NZD
8 .Terina Pateson$121.50 NZD
9 .Claire Craig$100.00 NZD
10 .Aaron Richard Meek$0.00 NZD


1 .Team Ava-Marie $3,064.20 NZD


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