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Page Name Team Donation Total  
Dimension Data NZ - Heads, Hearts & Hands Bake Sale $124.40 NZD
Devon $900.00 NZD
Dean Gifford Stair Climb 2017
[Dean Gifford Stair Climb Team 2017]
join this team $0.00 NZD
Deion Campbell $1,370.00 NZD
Nadia $0.00 NZD
Raven $0.00 NZD
Seini $0.00 NZD
R2D2 $0.00 NZD
Bob $0.00 NZD
Team Waynes (FLUF) shave for CCF
[Waynes shave for CCF]
join this team $291.25 NZD
Dinah $145.00 NZD
Dinah $0.00 NZD
Team Ann & Lauren
join this team $1,852.00 NZD
Luke and Bryan's shave for a cure $840.30 NZD
Stella Drawbridge South Wellington Intermediate join this team $2,303.62 NZD
Nick Drayton $1,552.25 NZD
AngusJones $2,552.25 NZD
Aimee and Shaun (: $0.00 NZD
Shanice vs. NY Marathon $0.00 NZD